Volunteer Opportunities…

At ChristNet Services we depend on our volunteers. Help is needed nightly at the intake center with registering and welcoming our guests, and we also are in need of volunteers for the ChristNet Services Daytime Program. Our volunteer coordinator can help you identify volunteer dates that fit your schedule as well as duties that you will be pleased and comfortable to undertake.

Orientation and training is provided for both intake workers and Daytime Program volunteers.

Other ways to help include Chaplain-on-call, night chaperone, cook, equipment mover, laundry person, barber/hair stylist, entertainer, host site coordinator, etc. The list is only as endless as your imagination and willingness to help.

For more information about being a ChristNet Services volunteer or becoming a ChristNet Services host site serving the homeless, please contact the Mrs. Rickie Rickman by sending an email to info@christnetservices.org or call  734-442-7032.

How To Become a Host Site…

Each year the ChristNet Services Nighttime Shelter Program seeks to expand its “season” of service to the homeless. Additional Downriver and western suburban congregations are invited to become week-long host sites. A ChristNet Services speaker is available to talk with your church board or mission committee about participating in this hands-on ecumenical mission program.

Generally speaking, a church does not need any “special” space. Some churches host in a large common room such as a gym or Fellowship Hall. Other churches use their Sunday School rooms. One Catholic church houses guests in an unused convent and another church uses its former parsonage!

Beds are allocated “dorm” style with the men on one side and the women on another. Special arrangement should be made for families staying at the shelter. All of the bedding, towels and wash cloths, and related equipment is provided by ChristNet Services. The host site is responsible for providing all of the food and all of the volunteer workers.

Your help is truly needed to provide effective, ongoing assistance to those in need of shelter and to expand the warming center season. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a host church, please contact the executive director by clicking here or call us at 734.671.1300. The director and a member of the Board of Directors is available to speak directly with the leadership of your church or organization about participating in this worthwhile ministry.