Guest Stories

Who Does Your Donation Help?

These are just a few of the many stories of people and families helped by Christnet and the people of our communities.  Please take a moment and read about some of the lives impacted by donations and volunteers to our cause.

J.R. is a single male who came to ChristNet in the Spring of 2006 after moving back from Tennessee.  He was placed in subsidized housing but continued to have alcohol abuse and income problems.  When evicted in the Fall of 2006 J returned to ChristNet while his girlfriend and baby boy stayed with friends.  Through a ChristNet referral J started attending AA meetings.  Now he is taking classes towards becoming a substance abuse counselor.  He, his girlfriend and baby once again live in their own apartment.

T.A. is a single female with three dependent children who entered ChristNet the night before Thanksgiving.  She was placed in a hotel with her children.  Then transitioned to a family shelter in Detroit, and remains placed at that shelter.  She recently reported that she was able to pay off her $800 outstanding utility bill and is awaiting housing placement through the Detroit family shelter.

M.Q. is a chronically homeless single male who received 30 nights of shelter stay.  While staying at ChristNet he reconnected with his mental health provider at Team Mental Health.  M was placed in an Adult Foster Care home directly from ChristNet.

M.L. is a single male who had his own business and apartment.  He lost them both to substance abuse problems.  Following an in-patient substance abuse treatment program M came to ChristNet in the Fall of 2006 where he showed how serious he was about changing his life.  He found a job and enrolled in the ChristNet Transition Program where he stayed for an additional sixty days.  While at ChristNet M used the time to rebuild family relationships.  Upon leaving ChristNet he moved in with his grandmother.  M continues to work and save his money and hopes to have his own place later this year.

M.L. & J. M. are a married couple with one child.  This is the first time either was homeless.  Their pre-school aged son stayed at a friend's home while M & J were enrolled at ChristNet.  M was employed upon entry to the shelter.  Through ChristNet J accessed Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency's Employment and Training program and found work within two days.  Both M & J were able to access the customer support services through the E & T program which provides up to $150.00 of job related customer support services.  Following a brief stay at ChristNet M and J were reunited with their child and acquired affordable housing with dual income status.