ChristNet Services: A Partnership of Churches Serving the Homeless

ChristNet Services is a Member of the Out-Wayne County Homeless Services Coalition...

Since its inception in 1993, the Coalition, an informal partnership between over thirty agencies, organizations and governmental units, has led the effort to create a more unified front in combating the causes of homelessness in Out-Wayne County.

The member organizations who became involved did so to form a continuum of care that would address the specific needs of Out-Wayne County's homeless population while fostering better communication and closing service gaps.

By basing service delivery on customer need rather than agency or funder-driven priorities, Coalition was strengthened. Using these principles as their framework, the Coalition established clear and definitive goals that continue to move its efforts today.


  • If people cannot pay for a place to live, they are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Families with children are losing their housing at unparalleled rates. They are among the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.
  • A drop in affordable housing and the limited amount of housing assistance programs are the primary causes of homelessness.
  • Housing costs have risen, putting housing out of reach for the poorest Americans.
  • It takes 105 hours of work per week at minimum wage to afford a two bedroom apartment at fair market rent.
  • ...
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By Paula Evans Neuman

Steven Gunther, 16, of Allen Park has earned Eagle Scout status, Scouting’s highest honor. For his Eagle project, Gunther collected and donated more than 100 sleeping bags to help homeless people served by ChristNet stay warm and comfortable.

ChristNet is a partnership of more than 50 churches that offer rotating emergency shelter for men, women and children without homes. The ministry’s “guests” are offered a warm place to stay overnight and three meals a day for up to 30 days without charge.

“After I helped with ChristNet at my...

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Once he was lost, but now Montie is found!

EDITOR'S NOTE -- When AP National Writer Martha Irvine learned that her family had been reunited with a long-lost cousin, she set out to tell his story -- and that of the big-hearted kin who embraced him.

Read Montie's Heartwarming Story Below...


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Being homeless in the summertime presents a different set of challenges.

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Dennis, our Saturday Daytime Resource Center Program manager, van driver, and volunteer, was once homeless. He didn't know from day to day where he would sleep, or where his next meal was coming from. The News Herald recently featured his story on their website.  Read Dennis' Story Here

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